Towmotor— A Reliable, Quality Brand at an Exceptional Value

Making an Impact

Singapore, 11th July, 2013 Towmotor, the company that first invented the industrial forklift is now receiving praise after the introduction of their latest series of forklifts. Originally known as the "One Man Gangs," these newly designed petrol and diesel-powered forklifts are making a positive impact and gaining a reputation for reliability and value.

Deputy Managing Director for Towmotor Asia Pacific, Lim Sim Beng, reports, "So far the new forklifts are getting rave reviews from our dealers, and more importantly, their customers." All this attention is not surprising given that Towmotor introduced the world’s first industrial forklift in 1933. Since then, the brand has become synonymous with reliability, quality and value. In fact, the industrial machine giant, Caterpillar, considered the Towmotor such a valuable commodity that it purchased the forklift manufacturer way back in 1963.

Many Competitors, Few Winners

Towmotor Asia Pacific’s Sales Manager, Simon Low, points out that, "Towmotor® isn’t one of those ‘instant brands’ from China that may seem inexpensive to purchase at first, but don’t last in the long run." Mr. Low observes that many of these companies sell forklifts that aren’t that well made and offer almost zero in terms of parts inventory and customer service. "It’s a shame, really. We’ve seen some customers who were taken in by what seemed to be an initial low cost machines only to find their forklifts were unreliable and prone to breakdowns. And getting parts for them is next to impossible. In the end, it has cost them a lot more," says Mr. Low.


Exceptional Value

Mr. Lim explains, "What our vehicle owners like is the fact that it’s a well-built quality, machine at an affordable price. Towmotor® forklifts are designed and produced in our own state-of-the-art factory, which means that we oversee all aspects of design and building of the vehicles. That means we can build high quality machines while keeping manufacturing costs down."


An American Original

"Anyone can make a an ordinary forklift," says Mr. Lim, "But to make it durable, tough and reliable isn’t so easy. We’ve gone back to basics, back to our American heritage and built quite a remarkable machine that gives our customers a definite advantage." Lim explains that all Towmotor® forklifts are built in the same factory that produces the world renowned Cat® Lift Trucks. "It’s a synergy. We take

advantage of Cat® Lift Trucks know how, manufacturing expertise and build an exceptional value machine, says Towmotor Project Engineer, Ong Kian Sim.


Parts & Service

Because of Towmotor’s association with Cat® Lift Trucks, Towmotor has a well-maintained parts inventory and a network of dealers who can support it like no other brand.

In the final analysis, Towmotor® forklifts may be more expensive that some of their low cost competitors, but in the long run, it’s the parts availably, service and durability of Towmotor forklifts that make them the better choice, hands down.