Towmotor Finds Market Niche

The First Forklift Looks to the Future

Singapore, 13th June , 2013   Towmotor, the company that first invented the industrial forklift is now setting it sights on a what it feels is a rapidly growing market segment—small or medium sized business that are looking for a boost in material handling productivity but an over complicated machine for their tasks. “However, they do want a dependable and well-built machine,” revealed Ong Kian Sim, Product Marketing Engineer at Towmotor. 

A Thoroughbred Pedigree

To help assure customers that Towmotor® is a quality brand, Mr. Ong pointed out that Towmotor is part of the Cat Lift Trucks Group—A world leader in material handling vehicles.  In fact, Towmotor forklifts are built in the same factory that produces the highly reliable and world-renowned Cat Lift Trucks.

The association between Towmotor and Cat Lift Trucks goes way back to the early 1960s when Caterpillar purchased the Towmotor company.

Same Factory. Same Quality.

Because Towmotor® forklifts are built in the same factory as their Cat Lift Trucks counterparts, customers can be assured they are getting the same Cat Lift Trucks quality. This results in Towmotor vehicles have the same high degree of reliability and quality because both products share by the same design and engineering expertise and component technology.

Since Towmotor introduced the world’s first industrial forklift way back in 1933, the brand has become synonymous with reliability, quality and value. New and established companies, along with customers in emerging Asian economies see Towmotor® as an ideal vehicle because of its reputation and its outstanding value,” says Lim Sim Beng, Deputy Managing Director of Towmotor Asia Pacific. “A Towmotor is a great basic industrial forklift that will provide years of trouble-free operation,” he added.

One Tough Truck

Mr. Lim explained that all Towmotor® forklifts are built in the company’s advanced state of the art factory. And because Towmotor designs and builds all its own forklifts customers can be assured of a rugged, reliable and quality made machine. “Our forklifts aren’t pieced together with products from a lot of suppliers. All our parts are designed, engineered and tested in-house to our own high quality standards,” said Mr. Lim.

Parts and Service

“Because Towmotor designs and manufactures its own parts there is no need to worry about getting replacement parts when they’re needed,” explained Mr. Ong. He continued: “Towmotor® parts are readily available with a network of dealers that is the largest in Asia-Pacific. For the Towmotor owner they’re getting an exceptional value and a quality, well-built machine.”