Towmotor® Forklifts Well Received


Towmotor® Forklifts Well Received
Singapore, September 5th, 2013   It’s official—Towmotor, the company that first invented the industrial forklift, has seen great success in the launch of its newest forklift trucks in Asia. In the past few months alone, nearly 100 units have already been sold during the company’s Asia soft launch.

Off to a Great Start!
“Naturally, we’re all very happy with the incredible success of the Towmotor® brand in the Asia Pacific marketplace,” said Towmotor Managing Director for Asia Pacific, Hiroshi Sugawara. He added that, “We knew that if we offered a basic, yet rugged and reliable machine, at an exceptional price, the market would snap them up.”

Zero Defects
Originally known as “One Man Gangs” because of their time saving ability to load and unload material efficiently, these newly designed petrol and diesel-powered forklifts are getting rave reviews by Towmotor® customers. “The feedback we’ve had so far from our customers is that the new Towmotor forklifts are exceptionally well made and very reliable. In fact, since their introduction we’ve had zero defects or product callbacks,” explained Mikio Haruyama, Product Marketing General Manager for Towmotor Asia Pacific.

The Caterpillar Connection
Why are customer so impressed with the quality, build and reliability of the new Towmotor diesel and petrol powered forklifts?  The reason is simple. “It’s because Towmotor® forklifts are built in an ultra modern Cat® Lift Trucks facility,” explained Towmotor Deputy Managing Director, Lim Sim Beng. For years, Cat Lift Trucks have established themselves as the world leader in building advanced, reliable and high-quality industrial forklifts. The synergy between Cat Lift Trucks and Towmotor means that both companies can share in each company’s unique experience and expertise resulting in a forklift that is exceptionally well built, and perhaps more importantly, one that is extremely reliable.


Beating Out the Competition
“When it comes to competitors, there really aren’t that many who can match the value proposition of a Towmotor®,” observed Deputy Managing Director Lim Sim Beng. He explained that in recent years there have been a lot of new forklifts coming onto the market from countries like China. Unfortunately, these machines, while less expensive, aren’t made to last. “It’s simple they don’t have the technology, manufacturing capabilities or the service and support network that Towmotor forklifts have. While they may be less expensive, you’ll end up spending more in the end due to breakdowns and the non-availability of parts.” 

The Future is Bright
Managing Director Hiroshi Sugawara strongly believes that Towmotor® will continue to gain market share as more and more companies rediscover this iconic and enduring American brand: “Towmotor represents value, quality and reliability. It hearkens back to the days when American know how and expertise were the envy of the world. And thanks to our close association with Cat Lift Trucks, the future looks very bright, indeed.”