2.0 ~ 3.0 Ton

By producing a machine with fewer frills, Towmotor has actually increased vehicle reliability and made routine maintenance a snap. Towmotor forklifts eliminate the flimsy plastic parts and delicate electronic found on many other trucks.

  • Built with a hefty and reliable 44ks engine enable high lifting and travel speeds for all application.
  • Equipped with the renowned K25 dual fuel engine, flexible in either using gasoline or LPG.
  • Frame and chassis are fully welded, helps create a stronger vehicle that won’t twist or strain under high load factors, ensuring continuous, trouble free operation.
  • When you buy a Towmotor “One Man Gang” you can be assured you’re buying an American original that is built to last.
  • Forklift are designed with operator comfort in mind.
Capacity: 2700  -  3600kg