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An innovative award winner of the red dot design, the TOWMOTOR NPP15E is a highly customizable electric powered pallet truck model, competent of handling up to 1.5T load capacity with its lightweight and ergonomic chassis design.

Designed to improve productivity and ease operator from physical fatigue, the NPP15E is capable of enduring much longer operational hours shuttling from point to point safely and conveniently deployed at ANYWHERE and ANYTIME.

Anti-vibration Technology for Batteries
  • To extend maintenance free batteries operational life cycle.
Enhanced Security
  • Exclusive pin pad unit is now a standard feature to limit unauthorized usage.
Easy Maintenance and Serviceability
  • Hassle-free drive wheel tire replacement by releasing six lock nuts which take approximately 10 minutes.
  • Easy battery replacement.
  • CURTIS operated system allows quick fault diagnosis.
Standard Built-in Charger
  • Convenient for onboard charging even on the move on the trailer end.
  • Exists with a temperature indicator that prevents battery from overcharging.
  • Comes with a standard 65Ah* maintenance free batteries.
  • *Option is available for bigger battery size up to 85Ah.
Ergonomic Handling
  • Fully integrated control buttons enhance ease of control over the electric lifting and lowering of forks with up to 115mm lift height.
V-Side Stabilizer
  • To act as a side counterbalance to prevent truck from toppling sideways due to an uneven terrain or uneven load weight distribution.
More productivity options:
  • Digital weighing scale.
  • 75mm low profile forks for low profile pallet entry.
  • Automatic speed reduction upon cornering.
  • Enclosed drive wheels with casters for enhanced drive wheels protection and stability.
Capacity: 1500kg