Deliver with comfort. Sleek. Style. Simple.

Compact, functional and robust, the TOWMOTOR NPP15E2 is a specially engineered 1.5T truck model, with patented truck design, aims to offer an easy maintenance feature with its NEW sleek outlook!

Equipped with a standard integrated control lever arm and a pin code entry system, the new NPP15E2 is an excellent choice for customers who are looking for a truck that possesses the best of both worlds’ qualities.

Standard Battery Discharge Indicator
  • Automatically limits truck performance if the battery level hits 20% or below.
Easy Battery Access
  • Detachable front cover for easy access to the maintenance free batteries for a quick inspection or replacement.

*option is available for bigger battery size up to 85Ah.

Ergonomic Handling
  • Fully integrated control buttons enhance ease of control over the electric lifting and lowering of forks with up to 115mm lift height.
Full Drive Protective Cover
  • To protect operator foot from getting caught under the drive wheel.
Improved Harness Layout
  • To protect and reduce cable failure rate from excessive twisting.
Easy Serviceability
  • CURTIS operated system allows quick fault diagnosis.
Capacity: 1500kg