Designed to handle loads and shuttle over long distances, the NPV-EA series is the right fit to manage most material handling tasks efficiently and speedily without much delays.
Ranging from 2 OT to 3.0T, the NPV-EA series is capable of not just handling one load, it can also handle up to TWO loads at one go with the use of longer forks option that can travel up to a maximum speed of 12km/hr!
The NPV-EA is equipped with a standard foldable plattorm with full suspension provide a good sense of comfort while operating on the truck over a span period. The usage of a standard electric power steering has further enhanced the overall ride experience that facilitates smooth and effortless control while the foldable sideguards provide additional assurance to keep the operator safe at all times!

24/7 Secured

  • Exclusive pin-code entry limits any unauthorized usage of th truck


High Perfomance AC drive system

  • Smooth travel speed control up to *12km/hr
  • Competitive and powerful rated AC drive motor allows the truck to overcome most terrains with ease
  • * Only applicable to high-performance model NPV20EAH


Quick Battery Change

  • Top access to the battery for easy monitoring of the battery water level
  • Optional side battery change system facilitates safer battery change procedures


Vivid Digital Display & Controls

  • Standard LED indicators displays Battery level, On/Off status, Running Hours and
    Fault Code
  • Multifunctional electronic control handle to facilitate quick controls
  • Creep speed mode automatically reduce the truck travel speed w en the tiller arm is tilted at near neutral position
  • Low voltage protection system automatically limit travel speed to indicate immediate charging of the truck when the battery level hits 20% or below


Easy Maintenance and Serviceability

  • Hassel free access to the internal key components for quick inspection, maintenance, and replacement works
  • Adjustable forks linkages to ensure smooth lifting of the forks
  • Quick plug-in fault diagnostics feature
  • P54 ZAPI AC controller offers better protection against water & dust ingression
  • High-quality AMP connectors and durable electrical harnesses

Safe Operating

  • Sideguards and platform limit switches ensure safe operating procedures to be well observed by the operator
  • Reverse belly button changes the traveling direction immediately upon contact helps to protect the operator from any imminent impact
  • Full electromagnetic brakes with anti-rollback function
  • Standard full suspension standing platform for comfortable ride experience
  • Low bottom frame design keeps the operator foot out of the undercarriage
  • Optional cold store application available to work at -20 degree Celsius environment


Capacity: 2000  -  3000kg