Experience dynamism lift with trust.

Available in both straddle and non-straddle legs versions, the NSP series is one of the core functional electric stacker models capable of accomplishing high load stacking operation up to a maximum lift height of 3.6 meters.

The NSP series is a highly cost-efficient truck that operates on low costs maintenance free batteries, has justified its niche positioning is capable of delivering the same quality lift without compromising its reliability. With confidence, we lift!

Quality Protection
  • Full protective enclosures enhance the truck resistance to elements corrosion or damage to the internal electric components.
  • Quality AMP connectors and durable electrical wiring were adopted to reduce possibility of electrical parts from malfunctioning.
  • Automatic speed reduction feature when the forklift exceeds the present lifting height.
Ergonomic Handling
  • Long tiler arm design helps to facilitate short turning radius with reduced human effort to maneuver the truck easily.
Easy Serviceability
  • CURTIS operated system allows quick troubleshooting.
Standard Battery Discharge Indicator
  • Automatically cuts off the lift function if the battery hits 20% or below.
Built-in Charger
  • Equipped with a standard 10 AMP built-in charger facilitates convenient charging of batteries by simply plugging into any wall sockets.
Easy Battery Access
  • Detachable front cover for easy access to the maintenance free batteries for a quick inspection or replacement.

*option is available for bigger battery size up to 120Ah.

More productivity options:
  • Mono-lift mast with up to 1.6 meters for specialized low lifting requirement.
  • Upgrade to larger battery capacity up to 120Ah.
  • Variable fork width selection up to 685mm (*applies to NSP12E only).
  • Pattern profile tire drive improved overall traction especially when working on wet surfaces.
Capacity: 1200kg