Surpass limits for extreme conditions.

Heavy duty operations which involves extreme towing capacity of load over long distances, the NTS60EA is the ideal machine to satisfy the operation needs.

With its top travel speed of 17km/hrand excellent drawbar pull performance, the operator can expect tough results to satisfy harsh work conditions.

  • Seat switch ensures the operator to adopt safe operating position.
  • Standard headlight to ensure sufficient forward illumination for the operator while traveling.
  • Combination of hydraulic and mechanical brake system for enhanced braking effect.
  • Mechanical hand brakes are readily available within reach.
  • Directional switch aids the operator to select the correct mode of forward/reverse travel.
  • Standard brake and signal lights to complement safe driving habit while alerting visually.
Easy Maintenance and Improved Reliability
  • Forward and backward adjustable position accommodate operator’s driving preference.
  • Quick release tow pins facilitate unlocking and locking of the tow hook easily.
  • Removable one piece power head cover allows for easy maintenance.
  • Heavy duty hood offers protection for the motors against possible impact.
  • Robust and maintenance free AC traction motor allows smooth travel transition from point to point.
  • Plug in diagnostics shorten time required for troubleshooting.
  • AMP connectors and durable electrical harnesses for greater reliability.
  • Standard battery discharge indicator (*indicates operating hours, battery level and error codes).
Compact Controls
  • Bigger accelerator pedal design relieves stress on the operator’s foot.
  • Seat with suspension provides comfortable seating posture benefits long working hours.
Easy Battery Change
  • Flip up battery hood design allows battery to be easily interchanged via hoisting.
More productivity options:
  • Travel alarm
  • Amber warning light
  • Side battery change compartment
  • Trolley for side battery replacement
  • Partially enclosed cabin with overhead shelter
Capacity: 6000kg